Hello! My name is Jill and together, we are going to work to achieve your dreams of owning your own home.

I have been in real estate for nearly fifteen years now and there is nothing that I don’t know about the business.

I know this city inside and out and am constantly surprising my clients with available residences, in parts of town that they had previously considered out of their budgets.

I can help you with everything from local knowledge about the nearest schools – and from the perspective of a mom herself – to which is the best electrician to hire for your repairs.

I can provide you with help and tips staging the house, so it is ready for viewings and of course, I will co-ordinate the whole thing for you, so you have as little intrusion as possible.

Selling and buying a new home is a very big upheaval and I am well aware of how stressful this can be for my clients. I like to give you time to think things over in and will always provide you with the full list of facts, to read through, at your leisure.

A lot of my clients are first time buyers who are not convinced that property ownership is even a path open to them. Together, we can work out if this is the best option for you as an individual, at this point in time.

Don’t worry, I never try and rush anyone into anything that isn’t right for them and if it seems like you would be better off renting, or waiting a little longer to save up some more money first, I will tell it like it is.

I have lived in this town my entire life and that really helps me know everyone and everything there is to know about it.

To get your house move started, contact me today and we can discuss your needs!