Why You Still Need A Real Estate Agent In 2017

A lot of my clients have only come to me after they have first tried to sell their homes by themselves.

With the internet and being able to check out property listings for themselves, they naturally thought they would give it a try and attempt to sell their homes and buy another one, without using an agent.


And sometimes, it even works. It is possible to sell and buy house without using an agent, but, as this list of reasons proves, you really, really shouldn’t!

Here’s why, even in nearly 2017, you still need a real estate agent to sell or buy your house effectively.


If you’re even thinking about selling your own home, then grab a dictionary because Real Estate has its own language and all real estate agents speak it fluently.

We deal with contractors all the time and need to know our rebars from our studs and our HVACs from out R&Rs.

If you’re not used to the jargon or technical speak around house maintenance, you could be in for a steep learning curve.


As a real estate agent, I know all the local contractors, builders, electricians, gardeners, home remodelers, local DIY businesses, home inspectors, attorneys, the lot. I also know all the mortgage providers and the best person for you to speak to regarding pretty much all aspects of your house sale. Why would you want to deprive yourself of all that experience?


Real estate agents are savvy negotiators because we do this all the time.

Of course, negotiations are something everyone is convinced they can play hardball at, until it turns out they’ve been outmaneuvered by someone with more experience.

Do you know what to do if you’re made an offer for cash? Or if a bidding war opens up?

It is not only managing tactics in situations like this, but an experienced real estate agent, like myself, can also help draw up a purchase agreement, that works for you and has enough time in the plan to arrange inspections and everything else that needs doing.


Yes, you have got the internet and it is great, you think you know all the properties that are for sale in your chosen area. But you do not! As a real estate agent, I know about places that your internet search won’t reveal. I might also know a thing or two coming up in that neighborhood you looked at, but then discounted, because it was out of your budget.

In other words, it pays to be in the know!